“I believe Nature is the source for all our physical needs and we are all an inseparable part of Nature. Our thoughts and actions are expressed through the elements of Nature. I experience true sufficiency, joy, satisfaction and inspiration when I take with honor and appreciation only that which I need for my art, and nothing more. It is my desire that my art speaks to the possibility of humanity living in harmony and balance with our Beloved Mother Earth.” - Douglas Waggoner
Reflections of Nature™ Mirror Series Birdscapes ™
Nesting Boxes & Feeders
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Douglas Waggoner shares his intimate connection with nature through the sculpted mirror designs window cornices, tables, and birdscapes.

These works of art are signed and numbered by Waggoner and are accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity."

We invite you to make them part of your interior environment and discover your own appreciation of the beauty and perfection that only nature provides.

Sizes of the Mirrors range from 2-1/2 ft to 7 ft and Birdscapes range in size from 18 in. to 3 ft. Custom sizes are available.